Monday, October 28, 2013

Blogging from the phone

So this is a thing... Hmmm... Maybe I'll try and give this ago. Again. Like the 4th again. Maybe this will be a one time post for the year and I'll see you again next fall. Either way, for the possible 2 people who see this that I am not FB friends with, I give you, a picture of the munchkins. 

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Friday, November 23, 2012

The Color Run

Saturday Nov 17th was The Color Run Over in Charlotte NC. I trekked over (it's about 4 hours from me) for the night so I could join the color coated masses :) While it doesn't quite live up to the brightly color coated kilometers promised in the ads, we still had a ball! The do cover you with color every kilometer, and ten times over at the finish, but it blends into an orangy purple mess a bit more than the let on ;)

So I drove in and stayed with one of my girlfriends DD, an her husband Chris. Both proficient runners, so I didn't exactly stay near them when we ran, but I did sleep in their hotel suite. Here was our before picture (I look so pretty - don't I?!)

And their before picture. And apparently those are Army shorts, lovingly called Ranger Panties. At least he's got the legs to pull them off.

It was chillier than I hoped, so the long sleeves were necessary, but I am happy to report, the color came out of that shirt 100% :)

They said there were 12,000 people running that day. I wouldn't be surprised - it was PACKED! This was our last before shot before we were off! As it turns out, it wasn't quite a full 5k according to DD's GPS, and I did a LOT of walking due to general unpreparedness, and massive hills on the course - but it was still a ball. Ever kilometer they had some sad over dressed teenagers throwing cornstarch based color on you. It was super windy, so it was a learned art form to be sure you got covered in color.

After the race, they have a big party, where everyone throws tons and tons of color every few minutes. This is where the majority of the color comes from :)

This is Liza, we met at the start line and found eachother again after. She was hilarious!
If you weren't careful and ran with your mouth open, you also ran the risk getting all the color in your mouth. Some people looked preeeeetttyyyy special after the fact.

Again with those legs

Now I have a color filled t-shirt I have yet to 'preserve'. I'm supposed to spray it with vinegar and then hot iron it. I just haven't made it that far yet, LOL. All in all it was fun, and has officially kicked start my training for a Half Marathon in March :)


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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

This happened

And I got the boys this bedding

shockingly awesome Carrabbas dinner

Post Color Run

Art Corner


The haircut didn't really tame the hair

Shit tons of BB Guns. Heeeeeeeyyy NC

Business Xmas Cards

My little marker eater


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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Not quite Wordless Wednesday

Tis the season to be a blog slacker. Sorry. I'll get back to it, but I am slammed between work, the holidays, the boys, etc.


It's really a great look

Spidey belly tattoo

Discussing what happens to food once you eat it (hint - the correct answer is poo poo)


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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Cheese ball outtake

Excitement for my new softbox

Aformentioned softbox (yes - its HUGE)

The night before the election. Yay facebook.

That's all I'm gonna say about that.


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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Zoo 2012

So we finally made our first venture to the NC Zoo. I talked to my Dad and he agreed to get us a family pass to the aquarium here in Wilmington which includes free zoo admission. So for the next two years, it will be all the zoo and aquarium we can handle :) Finn technically had been to the Denver Zoo when he was younger, but does not remember it at all. Atticus had never been.

 We planned to leave our house at 6am, we actually left at 7am. Not all that bad considering my love of sleep and dislike of morning. After wavering back and forth Jill did decide to come with Jordyn despite her being sick thanks to husband guilt. Turned out not to be the best decision, poor girl was MISERABLE. Much more sick than anyone thought. She was a champ and made it through the day though.

No pics on the way there, but the morning car drive went fairly well. I wasn't sure how 3.5 hours with three kids would be, but it ended up being fine. We got there around 11 and met up with Dina and her brood around noon.

Good job smiling Finn

 Finn and I each had things we wanted to see. I wanted to see the new baby gorillas, which I'm happy to report, we saw - and they are DARLING

 They were just SO sweet!!! Finn wanted to see penguins, but sadly, there were none. They did have Puffins, which I convinced him were tiny penguins, but he only seemed moderately ok with that lie. I will have to find a zoo with penguins for him to see. After the gorillas we got to see the giraffes

The giraffe exhibit is great because there are numerous spots to view them, and due to sheer height, you can pretty much always see them. They ended up being Atticus's favorite. I think in part because they were the most active as far as walking around, and he could easily see them from the stroller. He even picked out a stuffed giraffe at the gift shop

 He rode the whole way home with it and slept with it last night too :)

 I had a mix of nice pictures and phone pictures from the day. I wasn't going to bring the big camera, but Dina wanted a few nice ones of Zander, so I brought it. Lessons learned, I likely won't be doing that again until the boys are older, but I am happy for the shots I did get of the ankle biters

Zander and Atticus

Jordyn, Lodyn, and Finn

All the little ones!

 If you didn't notice, they are all in coordinating shirts :) I had a wild hair up my ass and Violet from Coming Up Baby is always open to my crazy requests. They each have a shirt with a different animal on it. Some were requests (like Finn's penguin), and others were wild card. Either way, they were all ADORABLE. Once again, Violet is 400 kinds of amazing!

So it took us about 5 hours to see half of thee zoo and eat one overpriced meal. It's just a LOT of work with 5 little kids and what seems like 10 different opinions. Next time I will bring less children or more adults for my kids, I am exhausted! We decided to make it more affordable we would make it a day trip, so we drove home the same day. 7 hours in the car for 5 hours at the zoo is pretty much the limit for day trips it seems. And honestly, we could have stayed at the zoo longer, but it is officially the off season and they close at 4. The drive home was a little rough, poor Jordyn was just miserable. We vetoed sitting down for dinner and did a McDonalds drive thru run. Jill sat in the back and helped the kids (and tried to prevent Jordyn from completely melting down), and I booked it home. We went heavy on the entertainment, and for the first time even in the car, let Atticus watch a movie

 MESMERIZED. It didn't show up in the picture, but its a Nick Jr DVD with single episodes of Dora, Diego, Yo Gabba Gabba, and Wonder Pets. It was like toddler crack. Didn't hear a word from him the whole drive.

And here is a brief albeit rare moment of two moderately happy big kids.

All in all, we had a great time. I know what I will do differently next time, and I'm sure as the boys get older some things will continue to get easier. Jay also wants to go next time, so that makes it all much easier for me!


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