Friday, November 23, 2012

The Color Run

Saturday Nov 17th was The Color Run Over in Charlotte NC. I trekked over (it's about 4 hours from me) for the night so I could join the color coated masses :) While it doesn't quite live up to the brightly color coated kilometers promised in the ads, we still had a ball! The do cover you with color every kilometer, and ten times over at the finish, but it blends into an orangy purple mess a bit more than the let on ;)

So I drove in and stayed with one of my girlfriends DD, an her husband Chris. Both proficient runners, so I didn't exactly stay near them when we ran, but I did sleep in their hotel suite. Here was our before picture (I look so pretty - don't I?!)

And their before picture. And apparently those are Army shorts, lovingly called Ranger Panties. At least he's got the legs to pull them off.

It was chillier than I hoped, so the long sleeves were necessary, but I am happy to report, the color came out of that shirt 100% :)

They said there were 12,000 people running that day. I wouldn't be surprised - it was PACKED! This was our last before shot before we were off! As it turns out, it wasn't quite a full 5k according to DD's GPS, and I did a LOT of walking due to general unpreparedness, and massive hills on the course - but it was still a ball. Ever kilometer they had some sad over dressed teenagers throwing cornstarch based color on you. It was super windy, so it was a learned art form to be sure you got covered in color.

After the race, they have a big party, where everyone throws tons and tons of color every few minutes. This is where the majority of the color comes from :)

This is Liza, we met at the start line and found eachother again after. She was hilarious!
If you weren't careful and ran with your mouth open, you also ran the risk getting all the color in your mouth. Some people looked preeeeetttyyyy special after the fact.

Again with those legs

Now I have a color filled t-shirt I have yet to 'preserve'. I'm supposed to spray it with vinegar and then hot iron it. I just haven't made it that far yet, LOL. All in all it was fun, and has officially kicked start my training for a Half Marathon in March :)


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